Aquila 54 Yacht

Motor Boat
Shipyard Aquila
Type Catamaran
Lenght 16,50 m
Width 7,68 m
Cabins 4
Bathrooms 4
Engines Cummins 2x Cummins 550 HP
Season Deposit Price per week
Peak --- ---
High APA 35% 29.500,00 Euro
Mid APA 35% 26.500,00 Euro
Low season APA 35% 21.000,00 Euro


High Season: July August, Mid Season: June-September, Low Season: all the others. 3 Members of the crew are included in the prices. *VAT not included 12,5%

 Air Conditioning, BBQ, Coffee machine, Outdoor shower, Exercise equipment, Big game fishing gear, Light fishing gear, Gym, Ice maker, Indoor audio system, iPod dock, Outdoor audio system, Outdoor Bar, Printer, Satellite Communications, Satellite TV, Special diets, Swim platform, TV saloon, Water maker

Aquila 54: luxury catamaran charter in Athens, Greece

Unmatched comfort and elegance onboard Aquila 54

Aquila 54 epitomizes luxury and sophistication in a 16.5-meter catamaran, making it an ideal choice for discerning guests seeking an opulent sailing experience in Greece. With a lavish King master stateroom and three queen guest cabins, each boasting en-suite facilities, the Aquila 54 ensures privacy and comfort for all its occupants.

Exquisite onboard experiences

This catamaran offers a myriad of options for relaxation, dining, and entertainment, complemented by a local crew dedicated to enriching your Greek voyage. Whether you wish to bask in the sun on spacious decks, enjoy al fresco dining with breathtaking views, or unwind in elegantly designed living spaces, the Aquila 54 provides an array of settings to suit your every mood.

A heaven for water sports enthusiasts

Equipped with an assortment of water toys and amenities, Aquila 54 caters to guests eager to explore the vibrant marine life or simply indulge in waterborne fun. Available features include air conditioning for comfort, a BBQ and coffee machine for gourmet experiences, an outdoor shower, exercise equipment, and fishing gear for recreational pursuits. Additionally, the catamaran boasts an indoor gym, ice maker, advanced audio systems, an outdoor bar, satellite communications, and TV, ensuring endless entertainment and connectivity.

Discover the greek Isles in unparalleled style

Based in Athens, Greece, Aquila 54 offers the perfect starting point to explore the enchanting Greek isles. Its contemporary design, luxurious detailing, and array of amenities make it the quintessential choice for a dream vacation, cruising through the azure waters and discovering the hidden gems of Greece.

Indulge in the ultimate sailing experience with the Aquila 54, where every detail is tailored for your delight and comfort, promising a journey through Greece that is as unforgettable as it is luxurious.

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Explore Rent to Buy and Buy to Rent Opportunities with FC-Yacht

With FC-Yacht, you have the flexibility to rent a boat and then purchase it, or buy it outright with our Rent to Buy formula:

  • Rent To Buy Formula: You can rent the boat and aim to become the owner of the Aquila 42 Yacht at the end of the program (5-7 years). You start by paying an advance that is 20-30% of the purchase price and commit to a monthly fee that grants you the right to use the boat for twelve weeks a year. When the boat is available, Free Charter will take care of renting it out, thus also covering docking, maintenance, and insurance expenses. The goal is dual: to reduce the initial investment and to relieve the owner of all the expenses and burdens of managing the vessel. At the end of the rent to buy program, you can decide whether to become the owner of the Aquila 42 Yacht or to start another rent to buy program.
  • Buy to Rent Formula: You can rent the Aquila 42 Yacht and assess your purchase. Our program offers the possibility to charter the catamaran and, if desired, buy it, turning the rental into a first step toward an investment in the nautical sector.

Our programs represent an investment opportunity: "Rent to Buy" allows you to evaluate the vessel before making a significant investment, while "Buy to Rent" turns your purchase into a business activity, offering significant financial returns and the possibility to have your boat available during selected periods. This way, investing in a luxury catamaran like the Aquila 42 Yacht means not only possessing an extraordinary means to explore the sea but also adopting a financial strategy that can bring long-term economic benefits.

With FC-Yacht, your passion for the sea and boating becomes a profitable, flexible, and productive investment, all in one. Learn more about FC-Yacht.

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