Used boats for sale in Sardinia

Free Charter sells boats

Our job as professionals is to mediate the process of buying or selling a boat for our customers (both sellers and buyers), with the interests of both at heart during the whole process.
A boat is a precious good and having a good broker is of the utmost importance, so that you won’t end up alone and you’ll be sure to make the best deals possibile.
We have second hand products, but also a selection of hand-picked used boats. This is the result of a careful, long selection, which allows us to offer our clients only the best possibile options on the market.
Actually, our job doesn’t end here. Our facility and our year-long experience we can offer a 360° assistance: from the choice of you dream boat, to boring paperwork for the transfer of ownership, to the boat storage solutions.
You’ll only have to worry about enjoying the sea.

Safe used boats with Free Charter

Boats that are in our fleet because our customers trust us and choose a yacht management program with us. All the boats that will be rented are highly controlled and undergo yearly maintenance. The value of boats that “chartered” usually lowers, this doesn’t happen with our used boats. Our interest is to take care of our fleet and improve it with refits to increase the value of the boats. Moreover, if our customers rent a boat without a skipper, they’ll will have to pass an anchoring and mooring test, to prove their skills and avoid the risk of giving the boat in bad hands.

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