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We can sell your boat for you, quickly and easily.

An exclusive showcase for your boat for sale

To sell your boat you’ll have to indicate out its real conditions, both structural and economical. This will allow you to sell your boat quickly, favorably and to people who are actually interested in buying it, without unpleasant surprises.

Selling a boat isn’t an easy feat and it can hide many dangers. There are many problems that can make or break a negotiation: succession, changing flag, test drives, foreign customers, VAT exposed boats…

Asking for our help will mean having a professional by your side, someone who will be able to find the best solution for you and your sale.

An exclusive showcase

Entrusting your boat to more than one broker with different prices and conditions can be tricky and confusing for those who want to buy your boat and it makes it look risky. This will inevitably lead potential buyers, who demand safety and warranties, stay away.
Trusting us to take care of the sale for you, will allow us to create a document with your boat specifications, set up a photoshoot to enhance its qualities and main features, publish advertisements in specifically-made campaigns and set up aboard visits.

Rely on us for the sale

Trust Free Charter to handle the sale of your boat quickly and effectively, it will spare you time, energy and money. Rely on our extensive experience, our network of customers and our generale know-how, online and offline.
Asking us to sell your boat won’t cost you anything, you’ll be asked for the commission only if the sale takes place.


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