Learn how to become a ship owner and buy the boat of your dreams with the help of Free Charter

How can I become a ship owner?

Have you always dreamed of owning a luxurious yacht, a small motorboat, a sporty dinghy or a beautiful sailboat to feel the wind in your hair, but were taken aback at the impossibile prices and costs and frightened by the many responsibilities? Free-Charter has the perfect solution for you.

Become a ship owner with Free-Charter and your dream will come true.
Besides offering many personalized, customer-oriented programs, we can count on a network of professionals and highly trained staff, as well as on our many bases scattered along the Mediterranean coasts in Sardinia (Cannigione, Portisco, Cagliari, Villasimius, Carloforte), Toscana (Cala Galera), Liguria (La Spezia) and Spain (Palma de Mallorca). Free Charter will give you the chance to buy one of our second-hand boats. It’s safe and you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of boats, different models owned by our most trusted customers or chosen from our fleet. Moreover we’ll be able to help you choose and buy a boat or a sailboats, according to your preferences and needs.

Here’s how it goes: Choose one of our custom-made programs (Ownership, Zero Cost or Partnership) and one of our bases in the Mediterranean Sea, either in Italy or in Spain and that’s it.
You’ll have the possibility to own a sailboat, a motorboat or a luxurious yacht, that will be at your disposal every time you wish: be it for a relaxing family vacation among the charming island, bays and beaches; or for a weekend of fun with friends to discover the trendiest spots of Costa Smeralda;or again for a solo-trip with a sailboat, to break free from your routine. You just have to lay back and relax, we’ll handle the rest.

No maintenance costs: you can cover them and even earn some money by renting your boat. Our qualified staff will keep your yacht in perfect conditions; moreover you’ll have the possibility to switch your boat with another boat of our fleet in one of our many harbors.

Becoming a ship owner with us will allow you to write off expenses, without giving up the dream of owning that wonderful yacht you’ve always wanted and your dream vacation in the sun, water and sea on it.


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