A yacht management service that will allow you to own a yacht without worring about maintenance expenses


Free Charter offers a yacht management service, that will allow you to be the owner of a fantastic yacht. you wont have to pay maintenancce expenses Owning a boat isn’t as expensive as you might think, if you entrust your boat to Free Charter you’ll have the chance to sail when you want and earn money with charter! We offer different programs that will allow you to becom a ship owner Our ship owners gain from 5 to 25% form their initial investment, depending on the model of their boat and how much they keep it to themselves.

For years, we’ve dealt with brokering and ship building.. Through these activities we’ve gained a lot of experience, which we will put to your advantage and disposal when you’ll come looking for the best solution for you. Our job is to listen to your needs and guide you through the choice of the perfect boats for you and for the charter market, a boat that will gain value in the future, should you decide to sell it. With Free Charter you’ll get the chance to buy one of our used boats. We have a wide choice of used boats, that belong to trusted customers or boats that used to be in our fleet. Every year we check our boats, with routine and exceptional checks, so that they always are perfect.

The main advantages


You own the boat and with the money earned from the charter you cover the maintenance costs, as well as gaining money, depending on how long you use it yourself (our customers usually earn 5-25% of their initial investment, depending on the boat and when they use it);


You yacht will always be in top condition, as it will be constantly followed by our staff;


You’ll have the chance to buy one of our used boats or to be helped in the choice of your dream boat;


Qualified staff will help you with your choice, be it a new or used boat;


You’ll get the chance to traded your boat for one of Free Charter’s in the different harbors where we have our headquarters.


You can choose according to your needs and timetables;

Becoming a ship owner with Free Charter

How much does owning a ship cost? With Free Charter you’ll have the best prices and transparency. With more than 25 boats in our fleet we can get you the best discounts on materials and upkeeping. Moreover, in our base in Northern Sardinia, we can offer you a ship building service and a high-quality dry berthing, with top prices if you are a customer of Free-Charter.

Personalized Programs

We have different programs, all top security and transparency, to help you become a ship owner.



with this program you buy the boat and we take care of the Management. There are no time limits so the Owner can sail with the boat anytime. Free Charter will manage the Motorboat and charge for a charter commission once the boat is rented You’ll also have the chance to buy one of our used bots Or be helped in the choice of your ideal boat.


Zero Costs

Free Charteroffers you this program so you can buy a motorboat andspread the payment in three to five years,use the boat ten weeks per year and don’t pay maintenance cost. So you won’t pay: Harbour, Insurance, engines check-in and hull antifouling. Without additional ordinary or extraordinary management expenses. You will only have to pay the insurance policy. At the end of the program Zero costs you will decide if carry on renting the boat, sell it or keep it for you. We will get you all the support you need.



With this program you can become 50% owner of a ship with Free Charter. You’ll earn 50% from rentals (after deduction of our commission), you will be able to use the boat whenever you’d like. At the end of the program you can decide if you want to redeem our 50% too. We are at your disposal to discuss ogether every aspect.

Yacht Rent & Management


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Dont’ hesitate! Discover how you can become a ship owner and earn money with charter

We’ll deal with maintenance and charter, you just have to think about enjoying yourselves.

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