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AMAZING SEAWATERS, L’ARCIPELAGO DELLA MADDALENA You are welcome to an islands labyrinth, L’ARCIPELAGO DELLA MADDALENA. It is actually composed by 62, in part granitic, islands (La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Budelli, Razzoli, Santa Maria, etc.), spread all around a large area between BONIFACCIO and COSTA SMERALDA. The ARCIPELAGO DELLA MADDALENA is considered a natural masterpiece thanks to its incredible harmony between land and sea. Natural Park since 1994 we suggest to ask for the specific authorization. Greeting to a wonderful boat vacation! THIS ITINERARY IS MANLY INDICATIVE AND NOT SUITABLE FOR SAILING. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO SAIL USING THE LOCAL MAPS.


Free Charter chose CANNIGIONE to be its North Sardinia base to rent its Motorboats. This strategic position it’s perfect to rent a motorboat and start to discover COSTA SMERALDA. A great gulf hosts the famous Cannigione Marina where you can relax and taste the typical Sardinian and Gallurese food among the many restaurants close to the sea and illuminated by the moon.  

Porto Palma - Isola di Caprera

PORTO PALMA composed by white gold sand is touch by unusual clear seawaters. This bay is well-covered by the SCOGLIO DI MONTE FICO on Est side and the thin PUNTA ROSSA on the right side from winds coming from West and North West. The sea button is mostly sandy and excellent for a good anchor. Moreover on the bay there are some buoys available to anchor.

Cala Cotticcio - Isola di Caprera

Our route guide us toward North, direction CALA COTICCIO (known as Tahiti), this bay it’s easy to reach only by boat. We are in front of a fantastic scenario, a truly paradise surrounded by granitic pinky rocks. CALA COTICCIO is split in 2 bays by a thin granitic line and is well considered one of the Mediterranean Sea most beautiful bay. Here you will be covered from winds coming from West, the sea button is quite irregular, please sail with caution

Cala Napoletana - Isola di Caprera

Sailing to the North of CAPRERA it will appear this small and wild bay nestle among steep rocks and a blank shore lightly touched by an intense green sea. It is a peaceful place but not easy to anchor due to the irregular sea button. However it is well covered by the winds coming between Est and South, except with strong winds coming from any directions

Cala Garibaldi - Isola di Caprera

Located on the occidental side of the Island, CALA GARIBALDI was last home for Giuseppe Garibaldi where he built the “Casa Bianca” (today an house museum). CALA GARIBALDI it’s a mandatory stop on your cruise either for the incredible seawaters and because is well covered by winds from South. To enter in the bay you must be very carful because the area is full of rocks and shallows.  

Cala Francese - Isola de La Maddalena

Turning left we change Island and discover the West cost of LA MADDALENA. In here there is CALA FRANCESE, a jewel of the sea with its green seawaters, almost desert, a paradise for a motorboats lovers. It allows a pleasant anchoring with winds from Est, the sea button is fine to anchor with weak winds.  

Cala Corsara - Isola di Spargi

Sailing toward North Est you reach ISOLA DI SPARGI, a magic world made of white beaches and pink granitic rocks floating on the turquoise CALA CORSARA seawaters. This bay thanks to its unique colors and the many coves it’s one of the most popular of the ARCIPELAGO DELLA MADALENA. It’s a pleasant anchoring with weak winds coming between West and North Est, but be careful to not anchor on the touristic ferry routes.
Available Charter

Piantoni 56

LENGHT : 16,68 Mt
MOTORS: 2 x 800 Hp
Volvo Penta


Blu Martin Sun Top 46

LENGHT : 13,90 Mt
MOTORS: 2 x 370 Hp
Volvo Penta D6


Barracuda 42

LENGHT : 13,00 Mt
MOTORS: 2 x 370 Hp
Volvo Penta D6


Antares 32

LENGHT : 09,98 Mt
MOTORS: 2 x 260 Hp
Nanni Diesel