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SAILING ON THE GOLFO DEGLI ANGELI CAGLIARI-COSTA REI By sailing among the Stoutest Sardinian coast you will discover gold beaches, centuries of history and amazing cliffs. This sea will surprise you as is also warmed up by the near African one that gives to it some fantastic colors and an intense and always pleasure water temperature. Sail onboard of a Free Charter yacht from CAGLIARI to CAPO CARBONARA, the last corner of Sardinia that splits GOLFO DEGLI ANGELI from Mar Mediterraneo. THIS ITINERARY IS MANLY INDICATIVE AND NOT SUITABLE FOR SAILING. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO SAIL USING THE LOCAL MAPS.


So far this town is not quite on the classic touristic routes, but it is rich of culture and it is a wonderful asymmetric labyrinth of streets and buildings colored with gold. This is a sweet but majestic city that thanks to its small houses, piled up all together in a frenetic but chosen way, amazed people from all over the world. Here Free Charter locates one of its base to rent motorboat on the South Sardinia.  

Poetto - Sella del Diavolo

Once back on your boat from a Cagliari tour, you can start to sail to Est and you will be surprised from the mosaic of colors: the green of the sea and the white sand of the beaches, composed by gold crumbs and pink from the saline. When you least expected the SELLA DEL DIAVOLO appears, the perfect place to anchor and enjoy the first bite of the blue paradise. This rocky mountain, that according to an ancient legend was a battlefield in a war between Angels and Demons, it’s the suitable bay to get cover by the NORD winds. Sailing toward Est you will be amazed by the legendary beach IL POETTO, located just in front of GOLFO DEGLI ANGELI, this 9 Km white beach it is perfect to swim in its crystalline water.  

Mari Pintau - Torre delle Stelle

Thanks to a sequence of stunning cliffs and white beaches it begins the most panoramic part of our itinerary. Once we pass CALA REGINA we arrive at MARI PINTAU, literately painted sea. Its water change from intense crystalline blue to emerald green and behind the beach there is a “macchia mediterrania” area that makes this landscape unique. A sand sea button will allow you a safe anchoring and make you enjoy a lunch at the beach Chiosco. This bay is a good repair from winds coming from North and North West. Following our route toward Est we reach the not less spectacular TORRE DELLE STELLE beach. Here you will feel like in a fairy tale where at night the lights of the houses match with the stars on the sky to create a unique scenario.        

Villassimius - Campulongu

Sailing to Est we will reach Villasimius, famous touristic destination that offers during the day clear seawaters and white sandy dunes and at night great variety of restaurants and nightclubs were enjoy an “aperitivo” or the traditional food. After Cagliari, Villasimius harbor it is one of the most outfitted in South Sardinia. In front of the harbor there is SPIAGGIA DI CAMPILONGU, a safety anchoring, well covered by winds coming from North. In CAPULONGU you will enjoy swimming among the transparent and intense blue water and relax on the beach.

Porto Giunco

Keeping sailing to EST we arrive a PORTO GIUNCO, located at the button of a mountain with on top an ancient Spanish tower. Well covered from winds coming from West and North West, PORTO GIUNCO, shows an infinite variety of blue shade. This bay it is well covered from the wind thanks to many rocky hills all around the bay. Also the sandy button sea it is good for an easy anchor. PORTO GIUNCO it is also called the “beach of the two seas” thanks to the STAGNO NOTTIERI, behind the beach. This it is a natural show that you cannot miss. After sunset the many Chioscos and bars will make your night exclusive.

Punta Molentis - Cala Pira

Sailing to North we will discover PUNTA MOLENTIS, a less safe anchoring than PORTO GIUNCO, but amazing with good weather conditions. This fantastic beach is surrendered by stunning granite rocks. Keeping sailing to North we reach CALA PIRAS, a marvelous bay surrounded by two hills that will cover it from winds coming from West and North West. From here you will be impressed by the romantic view of SERPENTARA Island.  

Costa Rei - Scoglio di Peppino

COSTA REI, eight mils of gold coast, is one of the most South Sardinia famous location. Here you will be covered by the winds coming from West and North West and you will enjoy the many restaurants on the beach. The most beautiful area around here is SCOGLIO DI PEPPINO, an unforgettable landscape thanks to the soft granite rocks on the water that create small crystalline pools. We suggest being very careful sailing on this area.  
Available Charter

Sciallino 40 Fly

LENGHT : 11,95 Mt
MOTORS: 2 x 440 Hp


Privilege 48

LENGHT : 14,50 Mt
Volvo Penta 40 Hp


Salpa 38.5

LENGHT : 12,00 m
Volvo Penta


KB 450

LENGHT : 14,00 m
MOTORS: 2 x 600 Hp
Volvo Penta